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Front Fork Oil

Stream Front fork oil

Stream Front Fork oil is a type of lubricant used in the front suspension system of motorcycles and other vehicles. The front fork is the part of the suspension system that connects the front wheel to the frame of the vehicle, and it is responsible for absorbing bumps and vibrations from the road surface. It is important to use the correct type and grade of front fork oil recommended by the manufacturer of the vehicle. Stream oil is reputed brand of Front fork oil supplier in Lucknow.
Front fork oil is used to lubricate and protect the internal components of the front fork, such as the fork tubes, bushings, and seals. It helps to reduce friction between these components, which improves the overall performance of the suspension system and enhances the comfort and handling of the vehicle.
Front fork oil is typically made from a combination of base oils and additives that provide specific properties, such as viscosity, anti-wear protection, and thermal stability. The viscosity of the front fork oil is an important factor as it affects the damping performance of the suspension system. A higher viscosity oil will provide stiffer damping, while a lower viscosity oil will provide softer damping.
Product Name API Quality Level Description Viscosity @ 100°c
Front Fork Oil Front Fork Oil is specially developed for use in hydraulic front forks of motorcycles. it is very stable mineral based suspension lubricant. It minimize foam to ensure excellent suspension dampening capabilities, Gold Front Fork Oil redusces risk of corrosion & oxidantion. Gold Front Fork Oil preserving oil-seal & provide smooth fork suspension. 65-70