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Don't let overheating slow down to your engine!

Coolants, which are substances used to control the temperature of engines, machinery, and other industrial equipment. Coolants are typically liquids that circulate through a system to absorb and dissipate heat, in order to prevent overheating and maintain optimum operating temperature.
Stream Oil produce a range of coolants for various applications, including automotive, industrial, and marine. Because of this Stream Oil is leading coolant supplier in lucknow, These coolants may be formulated using different base fluids, such as water, glycols, or oils, as well as additives that provide specific performance characteristics, such as anti-corrosion protection, lubrication, and pH stabilization, It plays an essential role in the proper functioning and maintenance of engines and industrial equipment. By providing high-quality coolants and related services, It help to ensure the reliable and efficient operation of machinery, prolong equipment lifespan, and reduce the risk of costly repairs and downtime.
We also offer additional services, such as coolant analysis, technical support, and on-site testing to ensure that their customers are using the correct coolant for their specific application and that the coolant is performing optimally.
Product Name API Quality Level Description Viscosity @ 100°c
HIM COOL DOT 4 HIM COOL is high quality corrosion inhibited etylene glycol liquid for use in internal combustion engine cooling system. It meets the rquirments of Mercedes Benz 325.0 and British Standard specification for corrosion inhibiting engine coolant concentrate (Antifreeze) IS 5759. 1994 GOLD HIM COOL is recommended application for mixed fleets where both light duty heavy duty trucks or present. Its environments where freeze protection and a low acute toxicity base fluid are needed. UPC